Alex & Gerrit



Hilltop Borhotel



In Alex and Gerrit we got to know an immeasurably loveable couple. Although, the couple live in Holland, they decided to get married in Hungary, in the home country of the bride. For the place, Hilltop Borhotel was chosen in Neszmély with the breath-taking view of the the Danube and the hills. We started preparing for the wedding in the morning. Whilst Alex was getting ready by the hairdresser and the make up artist, Gerrit and his friends were chilling at the side of the pool. According to the original plan, the ceremony would have been held at the top of the hill, but unfortunately the rain changed the main idea. Luckily, the bad weather could be easily forgotten by the unconditional love of the couple, and the nice mood of the guests. Eventually, with a swift improvisation the couple got married in the restaurant of the place.  For the unexpired time we thought that everything would go as we planned, yet after the dinner the guests came up with an unexpected idea. They stole Alex, and came back with another bride from the village. Half an hour later Gerrit got back her love of his life and they cut their wedding cake together. The key of a perfect wedding is the thrilling atmosphere and the delightful guests, in this wedding we didn’t miss any of them.