Anna & Józsi



Villa Pátzay



If we had to sum up the wedding of Anna and Józsi, we would say: unconditional love, trust and harmony. Both of them were extremely calm during the whole day, that was one of the reasons why implementing their wedding was incredibly relaxed and smooth. The couple chose Villa Pátzay as their venue with a beautiful view of grape fields, the Badacsony and Lake Balaton. The main theme of the decoration was centred around the couple’s beloved dog, Bubi. A drawing of him was placed on the menus, on on the name tags and even on the ring pillow. The ceremony was incredibly touching and emotional. The ceremony was followed by a delicious dinner and fun games, such as a quiz about the newlyweds what everyone enjoyed and participated in enthusiastically. The highlight of the evening was the cake cutting, the couple walked through a sparkle corridor to reach their delicious wedding cake. Finally, the icing on the top was the party where guests danced until dawn. We are lucky that we had the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful wedding and thankful to the lovely couple, the guests and the great team behind us.


“Without your help this wedding would not have been this successful. Thank you for your support and help during the whole time.”