Eszter & Gyuri



Rókusfalvy Birtok


If you have a first look at this young, kind couple of Eszter and Gyuri, you can see that they are really into each other. They were really enthusiastic anc excited about planning their wedding. The planning process was marvelous, because more and more great ideas popped up. At the beginning, they had many concept in their mind about the place, therefore we visited several places together to find the best match, Rókusfalvy Birtok, which was under construction at that time. We were hectically waiting for the final result, and trust was worthwhile, because it looked amazing at the end. Eszter and Gyuri dreamt a clear-out and minimalist decoration that fitted to the place accurately. Thanks for the beautiful place the ceremony was held in front of the grape-arbour, and everybody’s eyes were swimming with tears. Thankful for the super staff the wedding was fluent. In spite of the fact, that the number of the guests were high, the MC Bódy Gergő dealt with the coordination with proficiency. As far as the delicious food concerned, it was provided by Art Gastronomy. As a result of the August hot weather, we had to take into consideration the cooling of the guests. Therefore, fans with the initials of the couple, and the ice-cream caravan met with success. The couple made a funny game with questions of their life on Kahoot, that was followed by a funtastic party. At the end of the day, the couple and their parents slept in Rókusfalvy Birtok, while other guests stayed in Etyek, so they did not have to leave early the next day.