Judit & Dani






Judit and Dani said yes on a gorgeous April afternoon on the lakeside of Balaton. They had a concrete concept regarding the place, which was the Tópart Hotel. The beach and the charm of the Hotel fascinated all of the guests. The beautiful bride and her bridesmaids were preparing in a vast hall. As it was a lovely and sunny Spring day, the couple was greeting their guests in the garden with lemonade and original Hungarian lángos. The ceremony was on a pier right above the blue water of the Balaton, therefore everyone experienced a wonderful view of the sunset with the lake. After that, the delicious dinner was in the restaurant of the hotel. When the night came, the couple walked through a sparkling corridor towards their wedding cake. At the end of the day, the guests and the couple were dancing for the whole night and celebrating the love of the newly-weds.


,,The help of Dia during our wedding and planning process was necessary. At the beginning we tought organising a wedding in Hungary would be quite hard due to the fact we live abroad, but with her help it was rather easy. She was there with us from the first moment until the last minute of our wedding. She was fitted in the crowd, nobody recognises her, as the organiser of the wedding, but when we needed her, she appeared immediately. The hero, who is needed for every couple who wants to get married. We would like to emphasize, that what a great team we could select for our special day with her help. We really didn’t have to worry about anything on that day just with the two of us and living in the moment. Everything was perfect, thank you!”